Successful Story of A Self-Taught Freelancer from Cholistan, Pakistan

Successful Story of A Self-Taught Freelancer from Cholistan, Pakistan

Successful Story of A Self-Taught Freelancer from Cholistan, Pakistan


Someone rightly said that “you don’t know what you can or cannot do until you give it your best shot.” Here is my story of self-learning and career development!

I am Abdul Mateen, a passionate and creative freelance website designer, graphic designer, and front-end developer who has earned four years of experience and skills in this field. Moreover, I am a CEO of company “Peer Graphics” which I launched for freelancers having expertise in the field of creative designing and who want to work with both national and international brands. The ultimate goal of creating my own company is to help and motivate like-minded freelancers who knows no boundaries when it comes to learning.

I am from a small village in the Cholistan area where the residents make a living by raising livestock and farming. I belong to the area where the majority of the population live a nomadic lifestyle and have limited resources of income. Understanding the changing world’s paradigm, businesses, and entrepreneurship opportunities, I decided to choose my own destiny and move to city area.  Like every other rebellion face, I was also criticized for choosing a different path but history knows “when there is a will, there is always a way.”

I decided to move to Hasilpur Tehsil for my matriculation degree. I passed matriculation exam with distinctive marks and I got the laptop from Government of Punjab because of my good grades. This was the time when I started interacting with computer and tech gadgets and from here my love for computers and tech gadgets started. Because of this love for computers, I was even willing to work in a computer shop, but my friends and family were not allowing me to do this. So, I decided to shift to Islamabad primarily for a brighter future.

Today due to my consistent efforts; I have made a respectable name in the freelancing industry and having an impressive portfolio in my hand.

Abdul Mateen Website Designer and Developer from Paksitan

Abdul Mateen – Website Designer and Developer from Paksitan

Successful Story of A Self-Taught Freelancer from Cholistan, Pakistan


In Islamabad, I got a 3 Year diploma in Computer Information Technology from Iqra College of Technology and got the first position in Computer Information Technology from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Technical Board along with learning of freelancing expertise.

Along with diploma, I started learning graphic designing as a student in the freelancing field. I also had support from my uncle who is a senior software engineer as helped me learn and upgrade the most in-demand skills in this field.

I resumed my struggle by enhancing my expertise from different tutorials available on the YouTube channels and after almost one and a half years of struggle, I created an account on Fiverr and received the first order of my career of $5 only. This created a spark inside me as I wasn’t able slept that night due to sheer happiness.

Success comes not so easily; it demands more sacrifices. Unfortunately, I forgot the pin of Fiverr account and could not get those five dollars, but that day onwards my work in the freelancing market started. After that I designed and developed my portfolio ( then I joined different freelancing groups on Facebook where I started receiving orders. Further, realizing my potential and capabilities in the field of web designing and front-end development, I started receiving the orders in these skills.

Successful Story of A Self-Taught Freelancer from Cholistan, Pakistan
It is our inbuilt desire to be successful and move forward consistently towards more massive success, this was the story of my struggle; now I shall talk about my achievements in my career. When I started receiving orders, I have managed to purchase my first workstation by making savings, then after a while, I bought another laptop with some more savings. These are just a few milestones which I had to manage to achieve. During the days of my struggle, I learned  that  if you can deliver high-end quality and satisfaction to your clients, then they  will not only allow you to work with you again, but  references  will also give you numerous  leads  to expand clients. Mostly it is seen that those who entered in this field are struggling to receive orders from Fiverr and Upwork, and once they succeed, their next step is to earn money, in that quest, they can’t maintain the relationships with their clients. Remember that if the work is done with their perseverance and good faith, you have actually won their hearts, then not only a handsome remuneration can be earned but also a unique name and identity can be created in the vast freelancing market. My never-ending pursuit of excellence and working passionately, placed me as one of the top freelancers, and so far, I have worked with more than four hundred clients not only in Pakistan but also at the international level. One of the biggest and most important fact is that, according to my record till date no client has given me negative feedback, which I think is a great achievement for me. I have also mentioned these achievements on, the largest freelancing learning platform in Pakistan which is linked below:

Other than freelancing experience, I have also tested myself while working professionally with companies. I got the opportunity to work with:

1. The Web Guru LLC – I have worked as a freelance web designer here for 3+ years. Web Guru LLC is a New York based company and it was an awesome experience while working with as I got the opportunity to work on various international projects and understood the dynamics of international market.

2. Grownix – Digital Marketing Company – Back in 2019, I was offered the role of “Lead Web Developer” by Grownix Digital. The company is an emerging digital marketing agency with good clients in hand located in Blue Area, Islamabad. I am currently working here and gaining more experience while working on different sectors projects.

Moreover, thanks to Almighty Allah, I am now earning six figures monthly income, by using my skills and abilities which I learnt in a short period of 5 years.


My life looks like a colorful dream today, and find a bit difficulty to believe that all my dreams are actually coming true. Graphic designing, web development is human creations and this creativity can only be used by those who continue to strive for success with determination and consistency. Let me tell you more, eventually I proceeded towards establishing a forum which is known as ‘Peer Graphics’ (  The goal of this forum is to find my target audience in the industry preferring my skills and experiences, further to reach out to new clients.

We have a team of people with different skills who have almost all the freelancing skills and expertise including graphic designers, web designers, front-end developers, content writers, digital marketing and many others. In this regard, I have also set up my office in the Blue Area (a densely populated area of Islamabad), but due to the current situation (COVID 19), the office is closed, but I hope that as soon as the situation returns to normal, effort should be made to resume the freelancing market through this forum.

I am expert of:

Web Designing 99%
Web Development 99%
Graphic Design 90%
UI/UX Design 95%

Checkout my work portfolio, and client’s trust on my skills:

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